Union Academy of Weng Chun Kung Fu anno 2014

With Sifu Affe as lead, the Union Academy of Weng Chun was established in spring 2014

Sifu Henrik Sprechler

Former Policeman and Veteran from the Irak War, have trained Yip man Wing Tsun for 12 years and has recieved 3. Technician Level. Brought Weng Chun to Denmark in 2005 and have the Black Belt and is also World Champion of Sanda 2013. Hosts and sparres with Team Saurland, owns the Buthsrs Fight Gym and is Dai Sifu in Copenhagen and Chief Trainer for the clubs in Denmark


David Reerman Dizon

Instructor and Member of the Board

David has been training Martial Arts the most of his life and was there when Weng Chun came to Denmark in 2005. He has been instructing since 2008 and recieved 7th level and was graduated by GM andreas Hofffman in 2010.

David have also trained:
SKIF Karate (8 yrs, graduaded blackbelt by Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa)
Shitō-ryū Karate (3 yrs)
Yip Man Wing Chun (2 yrs)
Grappling, muaythai og MMA (on/off)"

René Harboe Jensen

instructor, Member of the Board and Contact person

- As a kid I watched a lot of Bruce Lee movies and was master free wrestler in kindergarden. I watched Karate Kid many times and for a decade I truly belived there was no defence against "The Crane".

In 2004 I decided to take a serious step in the right direction and started boxing, supplemented with kickboxing and MMA. I started training Weng Chun in 2008 and have beeen an Instructor since 2008. I have recieved 7th Level.

Jurij Burakovskij

Instructor and Member of the Board

I started doing Judo 1 year in Kiev before comming to DK.

I have trained Aikido with my Step Father and Brother for 3½ years

Have also trained Wushu and Chi Ni for 11 years

Have trained Weng Chun since 2004 have 7th level and it is my goal to be better at Weng Chun and a better instructor

Simon Jørgensen

Børne Instruktør -

Weng Chun 3. grad

Har Kæmpet i Wan Fu Cup

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About us

We are a bunch of kung fu enthusiasts who burns for Weng Chun and who wish to spread this wonderfull art. We have started a non profit union, where the instructors teach for free and where all fundings goes to the union and the goal of teaching.

Patrick Mathiesen

Kung Fu Kids Chief Instructor, assistant instructor and Director of the Board

Have trained Yip Man Wing Tsun for 6 years and revieved 6 student level (1998-2004)

Have trained Weng Chun since 2005 and have 6.th Level

Iván S. Pasarín

Instructor and Member of the Board

Iván has trained Kung Fu for 30 years. He is from Spain and there he trained  Di Som Kung-Fu for 20 years (9. grad) and Yip Man Wing Chun for 3 years (6. grad). He met the Weng Chun Family in 2007 and have recieved 7th level.

He has instructed in Spain for 5 years in his own club and assisted for 10 years previously to that. He has won many diffirent international figthing competitions in Spain and is also very profficient with hand weapons.

Michael Heilberg

Kung Fu kids instructor and Member of the Board

Have been training Weng Chun since 2008 and have recieved 5th Level

he has taugth the children sinde 2010 and his focus is on the older children aged 10-17 years